The Story

Growing up in the 90s I was wearing Athletic clothing as everyday leisurewear and tended to have a slightly more alternative view and taste in fashion than that of my friends.

I was a collector in so far as I never sold or threw anything away, and so 20 + years later, My StepDads Wardrobe.

My eldest daughter hit her teenage years and started developing her own innate sense of style in terms of fashion, music and lifestyle. 

As I saw the kind of stuff she was getting into, we decided to find my boxes that I knew I still had somewhere, and that was it...she started wearing my original 90s clothing on a regular basis and we have such an extensive number of garments, we’re still discovering boxes today.

As her passion for vintage and sustainable fashion grew, we started discussing what she liked, what I liked, and how we could bring my original clothes back, and rework them for today, in a style that we both personally liked, even though we’re more than 20 years apart in age.

My StepDads Wardrobe was born - we begun to rework vintage Levi denim jackets with an item from my own original collection. 

Each jacket is a 1 of 1, bespoke piece of clothing that is Vintage, Sustainable, and tells a Story. The first part of the story is authentically grounded growing up in London in the 90s and 2000s, and the second part is yours and still to be told...